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How we heal, togETHER!

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Each and every coaching session is personal, private, and tailored to your individual health and wellness needs.  Information, guidance, and resources are provided with a genuine desire to help you improve your life through 1% shifts and attainable goals.  All consultations include unwavering support and follow-up care to assure the most value and success in the achievement of your life's transformation! 


Acute Redirection

These 14-day courses are designed to help give you the boost of information, resources, support, and motivation you need to make the adjustments in your life that will lead to greater balance.  Although developed to be taken independently, and within the framework and flexibility of your life, each course includes direct communication with and thorough support from your Mentor every step of the way!


Radical Realigning

This 30-day program takes a sincere look into your life.  We will identify the challenges and obstacles you face, while outlining the solutions we can find together to overcome them.  Developing a regiment specifically tailored to your lifestyle needs, we can realign any area of your life that has drifted off track!  Experience top tier support via a weekly Meet the Mentor session that includes a direct line of contact.


Reframe & Retrain

Our 90-day commitment is built for those ready to make a true and lasting change!  This is a rigorous program that delves into the innerworkings of your life's choices, habits, routines, cycles, and environments to find the realest you among all the complexities of life.  We will focus on reframing your mentality, retraining your reactions and behaviors, and removing the pieces that aren't genuinely who YOU desire to be!


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The quality and care provided is equivalent at each and every program level.  Although we accept payment for our services, our mission is to help you make a genuine impact in your life, to help reframe your mind in a way that feels fulfilling and worthwhile. 

If you do not resonate with the service you receive, we will never hold it against you and offer a full refund of the program cost; so long as you submit your request for reimbursement no more than 7 days after the date of your service.

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