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The Road to

"Eras of bygone moments departing from time, thousands of yürs and countless kin, culminating into little more than ill-fated masochism. Rhavyn, recalled solely through ancient passages and perceptive persuasions, a kingdom once formed by fealty and forged in equitable collaboration; disrupted and dissolved, divided and destined to prevail as merely an open festering wound upon the misguided children of Wyd. Sanctimonious suitors salivate insatiably in pursuit of ascendancy to the Crimson Throne; cultivating indiscriminate, useless machinations meant to force and coerce a populace too diverse, despairing, and distant for reunification. Megalomania masquerading as self-sacrifice, denominated exclusive privilege to determine what is meant of “the greater good” and how best to serve it.." - Chapter 1 "Thistle and Stone"


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The first draft is well within the works!  Over 100 pages and 8 chapters complete in Part 1 of 4!  Follow along for regular updates, sneak peaks, early reads, and MORE!!

A political fantasy series of our times!  Addressing the complicated nuances of our modern era, the injustices, oppressions, and opportunism of in a world similarly unwinding.  

Join us as we descend further down the Road to Akryfyr, the riveting opener to the Chronicles of Rhavyn.

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