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Music, the vibrational language of the universe. 
It captivates our spirits and connects us all together with the eternal rhythms of life, love, and loss.
Every twist and turn, each new lesson learned, an opportunity to share a story that resonates within.

We may all live such similarly different lives, messy and complicated in our own individual ways, but music speaks a language everyone understands.





We offer a unique blend of calming and cultured, whimsical folk feels; underscored by the core foundation of our roots in the raw emotional power of rock. Still, our musical interests and influences traverse all genres and styles.  In our connection to music, this culminates as a collection of uncommonly cultivated covers and originals that are nearly impossible to categorize into any one genre. 

We'd love to share our sound and souls with you at the next live show!  Below, you can find out more information on when to catch us or learn how to book us for your next event!

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