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We Act a Fool!

We are an articulate, animated, and charismatic duo.  Our top priority is to truly captivate our audiences imaginative spirit and enter ourselves entirely into the characters and roles we perform. 

We share a combination of childlike wonder and delve into conversations steeped in universal ruminations, making us well-rounded and intellectual individuals who are capable of a wide range of parts to play!

You can trust us to deliver high quality audio recordings, free of background noise, static, pops, or hissing.  Our voices are clear, clean, professional, properly balanced, edited and mixed.

We have top of the line SHURE SM7B microphones and a sound-proof setup, with years of audio editing and engineering experience with music, audiobooks, and video voice overs.  

We offer an array of different voice acting services, from audiobook narration to voice overs in documentaries, or characters in shows and video games!



Witty, energetic, and concise, she is a force of nature.  Radiating an unmatchable energy from her spirit that comes through each and every type of role and project she takes part in. 

Going above and beyond to produce an end result that meets and even supersedes the expectations that were asked of her.  Assuring the final product provides top notch customer satisfaction!


Intelligent, decisive, and cunning, a gentleman who brings a certain poise, peace, and still burning passion to every piece, part, and role he takes on.

His care for consistency and curating a secure suspension of disbelief encapsulates each character and crafted word.  The audience experience his top priority.


The FOols Duo

A culmination of our combined divine presence and power, playing perfectly off another's strengths and supporting each other's learning opportunities.

With our incredibly diverse cast of characters, voices, intonations, and vocal dynamics, we can provide an audio experience that is unlike any other!

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