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Time for a Comeback

As our family works through some transitions and transformations I started sinking into a mindset over the situations at hand that was pretty self sabotaging.. Let me tell you how I did NOT want to go to the gym and I wanted to sulk in my own self pity.. I wanted to mentally kick and scream and cry my eyes out of frustration and lose of hope.. but I didn't.. Not this time.. I pushed myself to show up at the gym. While I was there, I worked on the refocus of what really mattered. What was important to me/us.. and how can we rise above these situations at hand?

This is not a skill anyone is born with and I surely wasn't raised to overcome. But I showed up for myself; in a time of heavy self doubt and connected with the situations at hand while changing my mindset.

With a shifted mindset you can bring peace to your conscious and create solutions.

*Even if your only solution is to find peace and table the worry for another day.. Make the best of the present moment*


~!~Mentor in the Mirror~!~

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