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Deep Down

"Deep down you know exactly what you're capable of. There are moments where you get a glimpse of all your potential. You can get there with time, patience, and devotion. You must be willing to sacrifice the bad habits, toxic behaviors, and situations. Set aside anything that is standing in the way of becoming what you want."

Today's #FeelItFriday is brought to you by #selfawareness! Though, not only the kind where you recognize all of your shortcomings...but rather also realizing the ways you bring value to the experience of life.

It can feel much more comfortable, safe, and certain to dwell in spaces of failure and #selfsabotage when that is all you've ever known. If you don't #letgo of your past trauma, anxiety/depression, and societal pressures/perspectives it can seem overwhelmingly like there is no version of you that is happy, healthy, and successful.

Growing your #selfworth takes patience for yourself and the process of healing that you must go through to unload the emotional baggage that fills your time, energies, and efforts. #Itsthesmallthings in your life, the truest and most genuine pieces of yourself that matter most, and will guide you toward developing a stronger awareness for what you are actually capable of.

#ItsTime to put down the weapons that you use against yourself, the ones that convince you that you're not enough. #Embraceyourpower and build the life that you'd like to see for yourself, family, and community!

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